Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Established 1949

Ahrend Studios was originally established by Floyd Ahrend in 1949.
William Ahrend, the current owner of Ahrend Studios, is Floyd's son.
Ahrend Studios believes in making memories through photography.
Ahrend Studios does this by keeping history, their negative files date back to 1954.

This week we had two requests for photos from the 1960's.
One was a family portrait taken in 1961.
The other was two commercial photos taken in 1960.
Both show history, both show changes in life.
One shows a family's story.

One shows a town's story.

Ahrend Studios keeps memories.

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  1. These are the CUTEST pictures!!! What a DOLL! It will be so much fun to look at these when she's older and remember how much fun it was to hold her when she was like this! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!