Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Color, Color, Color - Portrait Ideas (First in the Series)

Color, Color, Color

So you want to take some individual or family portraits to display in your home.  The very first thing you want to consider is where you will be displaying the images.  The color scheme you select for clothing and background should compliment the colors in the home, specifically the room.

Are the colors in the home warm colors – tans, golds, reds?  If you have warm colors, consider a brown studio background, or outdoor settings in front of a brick wall, a wood fence, a wood or red barn, or with fall leaves, or the wheat color or dried summer grasses.

Or are they cool colors – blues, greens, grays? If cool colors are your focus, how about a portrait in front of green grass, shrubs, and trees, or a gray or blue studio background, or with blue sky on a sunny day?

The next element of color to plan is the colors people will be wearing in the picture.  Again think warm, cool, or even neutral.  Sometimes families choose to wear all the same color, such as tans and browns, navy blue, or simply all white.

Others opt for a couple colors for people to wear, such as denim and khaki, or black and red.  

 Color is an important part of portrait photography; have fun with it.

For more ideas about selecting colors and clothing for portraits, see our Pinterestpage. 

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