Monday, June 27, 2011

Senior Stars

Meet 2 of our Senior Stars of the Class of 2012. 

Chelsea is an excellent example of a young lady who is well rounded.  She attends Fallbrook High School where her favorite class is ASL taught by Griener.  She is an excellent Field Hockey player and if that does not keep her busy enough she volunteers her time at Fallbrook Hospital.  But just to relax she will spend some time playing "Dance - Dance", probably while she takes a few breaks eating Hershey's Kisses.  Lets hope she never loses her cell phone because it keeps her connected with everyone.

Katie is just as amazing, she volunteers and plays Field Hockey too, but her down time is spent with Wii Fitness.  Although she enjoys a good Twix candy bar everyonce in a while her favorite item on the menu are French fries.  Katie has great plans ahead for herself, she hopes to be attending nursing school after she graduates.
Twins Chelsea and Katie think alike in some things such as if they had super powers they both would be flying around.  Also one of their best friends is Sami because she is always there for them and is highly motivated.  
Ahrend Studios is delighted to highlight Chelsea and Katie as their first Senior Stars of the Class of 2012!

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  1. I love these girls! Beautiful pictures.