Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Senior Star

Meet Kevin from the Class of 2012!

Here are some interesting facts about Kevin: 
His favorite candy is Nerds. If he could have any super power he would be "Super Funny"!
He has too many BFF's to list them all! He brought two of them with him to his portrait session and took a cool buddy picture that they all looked really great in!
An outstanding achievement in his career at Fallbrook High School is getting 4.0 gpa's! That's great!
He enjoys playing basketball, running, and hanging out! His favorite class is AVID.
Kevin plans on attending a 4 year university after graduation. 
His favorite fast food menu item is a carne asada burrito and his favorite video game is MarioKart.
Kevin said, "I admire my parents because they work their hardest so I can have a better life."

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