Saturday, July 12, 2014

What do I Wear for my Portrait Session

What should you wear for your portrait session?  One of the most commonly asked questions.  Here are a few tips.

1. Show some personality in your choices.  If you have a favorite outfit or that item of clothing you wear that makes you feel good or everyone compliments when you wear it, that's a good choice. Feel free to show some color and even a very simple pattern (simple is the key, too big or busy will take the focus off your face)

2. Pick a color palette.  But what colors?  Look around your wardrobe and see what you normally are drawn to.  We usually recommend medium to dark tones,  if you choose white your eye is going to be drawn there first and you really want the focus on your face.  But some sessions lend themselves to white.

Next consider where the portrait is going to hang, consider the colors in that room and see what will compliment what is all ready there. Do you want formal or casual, or something in between.  Now is the time to decide.

Where are you having your portrait session done, a bright wall of graffiti? wheat field? or green grass park setting? you might choose your clothing according to the location or the location according to  what you want to wear.

3. Don't show too much skin.  I know you look really cute in that tank top but it doesn't matter what size you are, if your arms are bare or you have a low cut top on it's going to make you look bigger.  It is best to wear a sleeve that covers your upper arm and 3/4 length sleeves are even the most flattering.  The same is true for leg wear; pants and capris look better than shorts.  Skirts are great but are most flattering at knee length.  This will allow for the attention to be drawn to your face, which showing those beautiful eyes and that welcoming smile is what the portrait is all about.

4.  Pick staple pieces and build on them.  For example pick a solid item and then layer on the simple pattern or extra color.  Girls, you can layer in so many different ways - tank tops, shirts, cardigans, skirts with leggings.... 

Guys, a shirt with an open button up, vest, or jacket works well.  Have fun adding that extra pop of color in the socks, belt, or tie; or layer in jewelry, hats, and shoes.

Make sure your clothing is comfortable, fits well, and is ironed - the wrinkles really do show.

5. Speaking of shoes and socks, many of our sessions include head to toe portraits so make sure your socks are what you want showing and your shoe bottoms or feet bottoms are clean plus go with your color scheme.

6. Layout your clothing ahead of time, everything you picked out, even your shoes and jewelry.  Now squint, if anything sticks out remember that is what your eye will be drawn to first in the photograph.  You want to make sure you have a nice even distribution of color, patterns, and accessories.

7. Please avoid large logos, graphics, or sayings on your clothing, unless that is what you want to be the center of attention.

8.  GUYS - unless you regularly are showing a beard or the unshaven look, come clean shaven.  Shave just before the session.  Plus make sure your fingernails look good and are clean.

LADIES - check your fingernail polish, make sure your nails look good and aren't chipped.  Natural and clean always look good.  If you are wearing sandals, this all applies to your toenails too.  Feel free to bring extra makeup to touch up during the session, and even for those who don't wear lipstick a clear or slightly pink gloss can add a little extra sparkle.

9. If you wear glasses, they could catch a glare with the sun or flash, so having the clean them day of the session can help.  If you wear contacts, it is better to wear those instead of your glasses.

10.  The day before your session it not a good time to change your hair.  If you want a new style, try it out a few days before to make sure it is what you want.  Guys, if you need a hair cut get it a couple of days before the session to avoid that tan line around the ears. And feel free to bring some styling products for those last minute touch-ups.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Senior Portraits

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