Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Behind the Scenes

Ahrend Studios Photography recently took a few Class of 2016 seniors on a photo session around Fallbrook.  We had so much fun! our seniors were great, so photogenic, and crazy. 

There are times when we just don't think about the person or people that make a photo session happen.  Of course there is our photographer, Shelby is one of the best - so creative, helpful, and relaxed.  Although she won't admit had hard she works, we can tell by the droplets of sweat on her forehead and that look of always thinking for the next best pose.

Kaylee came on this photo shoot, she was our pack horse plus shade holder, wind blocker, and sun protector.  Kaylee is Shelby's niece; hard worker and never ever complains but does her job without question.

My job, Ellen, was the most fun this time around.  I got to take a few of these behinds the scene pictures.  I loved it!  But sometimes I am doing what Kaylee did and smoothing  hair, remove sticks and twigs on the path or a tiny piece of lint from clothing. 

And of course there are our models - YOU! We know you work hard as we tell you to twist and turn, bend this way, cross your legs that way, sit here, chin up, nose to the left, tip your head right, and on and on.  But we think your favorite part is seeing the great pictures we take and the selfies you take because you want to share how fun it is for senior portraits.  

We know YOU are what makes our job fun! 

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