Thursday, February 11, 2016


Alyssa has so much personality.
She fits in everywhere and with everyone.

LOOK at how much fun we had taking her senior portraits.

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The Beach Scene

If you live in California of course you need to go to the beach and breathe in that salty ocean air, splash around, surf, build a sand castle, and have your picture taken there to make others jealous.  Or maybe not jealous but remind them that they want to come here too.

We had so much fun with these 3 lovely young ladies at the Oceanside Beach and Pier.  We hope you will want to join them.

Love portraits under the pier at low tide.

Wind blown beauties

The sun glimmering on the water makes for a beautiful cast

Sun kissed hair

Hey, hey, lookie there!

Such fun, come join us.


Halee shows why she is such a great young lady.  She has been part of the Miss Fallbrook pageant for a few years.  Her heart is huge and her smile and friendship are the best.

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So great taking senior portraits.  We will give you the best experience.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sisterly Love

A friend contacted Ahrend Studios Photography last fall.  She had the desire to give another friend the best present she could think of, PICTURES!  But not just any pictures, pictures of those she loved, pictures that showed the love that existed in a family.  And in this case, the love that shined through with sisters.

Shelby was delighted to help with the gift. The girls were able to get together during a college break for the oldest.  All was arranged and the fun ensued.

The love of these sisters just jumped out in front of the camera and it was a great session.  All the pictures were wonderful because of the laughter and love captured by Shelby.

The only draw back was the pictures were a surprise, a surprise for Christmas, so we couldn't share them with you until now.

Thursday, February 4, 2016