Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Grandma wants for Christmas

Are you like me and can't think what to get Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas?  At this point in their life they don't usually need much.  Things just collect dust.

Here at Ahrend Studios we have just the thing that won't collect dust and will bring a smile every time it is looked at - PICTURES OF THE GRANDCHILDREN!

 That's right, what grandparent can resist a picture of their grandchild.  What is even more amazing is when you can pull all of them together for a picture.  That is what the Green family did, they brought the grandchildren in our studio and took all the pictures.  Plus the bonus, grandma and grandpa came too for their pictures with them.

Now I know Christmas is just right around the corner and you may not have time to bring the whole gang in but Ahrend Studios offers gift certificates.  Right now through Dec. 23 we have a special of with a minimum $200.00 gift certificate purchase you can get a added bonus of $50.00 to that gift certificate.  

Aren't they adorable!?!  Grandchildren will melt their hearts.

Merry Christmas from Ahrend Studios!