Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

Behind the Scenes - Obstacles

It may seem to the world that photography is one of the easiest businesses in the world.  If you have a good camera just point and shoot right?

Well there is a little more to it than that.  Actually most of you may already know that there is a lot more to a great portrait versus a good portrait and it doesn't all involve photoshop either.  There is a lot to do with setting up the scene.

And that is where a few minor challenges or obstacles that sometime come into play.  But Shelby and Bill are great and they can work with each little detail and overcome any obstacles that might pop up.

Obstacle #1 - lighting; maybe it's too bright or too dark but with a little reflecting things will be golden.

Obstacle #2 - wind; it can blow hair right across faces but if you turn just so, the wind can make for a truly natural picture.

Obstacle #3 - Height; you might never have know that Shelby, our photographer, was a little height challenged with this picture but there is nothing like a little tiptoe stretching to make sure your subject isn't looking down on you.


Obstacle #4 - Nature; yup nature itself can hinder a great view but we just deal with it. Perhaps a few branches are temporary pulled back or we just wait out the waves or nature is what makes a great portrait.

Obstacle #5 - people; when you are taking pictures in a public location you will always be managing around other people, sometimes even other photographers.  A quick fix for a great picture is to change the angle or a closeup.

Obstacle #6 - friends; friends aren't really an obstacle but sometimes if you are doing a photo shoot with other you might feel a little self conscious, this is easily overcome by laughing at yourself, loosing up, and have just having fun.

There are good pictures that those great cameras take but there are great pictures that an awesome photographer will take by just being prepared for any obstacle that comes your way.  Bill and Shelby know how to do that.  They are your awesome photographers.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Save those old photos

One of my dilemmas in life is old photographs.  Not that I don't love them but I don't know the best way to store them and keep them.  And they take a lot of space.  Some are getting faded or torn.  The digital age comes to the rescue, Ahrend Studios comes to the rescue. 

Having those precious old photographs saved digitally means I share pictures of grandma and grandpa with the whole family via social media.  I will have a record that will last of the old homestead.  I can laugh at the clothes and hairstyle from the 80s.  There are so many possibilities.

Plus if I want a new unfaded, untorn, beautified print I can have that too all at amazing discounted prices.

Yay for Ahrend Studios, yay for the digital age.   Isn't life amazing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Behind the Scenes

Ahrend Studios Photography recently took a few Class of 2016 seniors on a photo session around Fallbrook.  We had so much fun! our seniors were great, so photogenic, and crazy. 

There are times when we just don't think about the person or people that make a photo session happen.  Of course there is our photographer, Shelby is one of the best - so creative, helpful, and relaxed.  Although she won't admit had hard she works, we can tell by the droplets of sweat on her forehead and that look of always thinking for the next best pose.

Kaylee came on this photo shoot, she was our pack horse plus shade holder, wind blocker, and sun protector.  Kaylee is Shelby's niece; hard worker and never ever complains but does her job without question.

My job, Ellen, was the most fun this time around.  I got to take a few of these behinds the scene pictures.  I loved it!  But sometimes I am doing what Kaylee did and smoothing  hair, remove sticks and twigs on the path or a tiny piece of lint from clothing. 

And of course there are our models - YOU! We know you work hard as we tell you to twist and turn, bend this way, cross your legs that way, sit here, chin up, nose to the left, tip your head right, and on and on.  But we think your favorite part is seeing the great pictures we take and the selfies you take because you want to share how fun it is for senior portraits.  

We know YOU are what makes our job fun! 

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ahrend Studios 2015 Cute Kids Contest

We had so many cute kids participate in our annual Cute Kids Contest.  We will be posting our winners here in a couple of weeks.  But for now here is the information needed to vote for our Facebook Favorite or People's Choice.

YES! It is the moment you have been waiting for. Voting starts Monday, May 12 at 9 am. Here is the 411 about voting.
FACEBOOK FAVORITE - vote only once here on Facebook, you can vote either by liking the picture or making a comment. You are to vote for only 1 child. Any votes or likes previous to Monday morning will not be counted. Share this link with all family and friends on Facebook, but I believe they need to like Ahrend Studios Photography first. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/… 
PEOPLE'S CHOICE - you can visit each of our sponsor locations daily and vote for the People's Choice. Some of our sponsors don't open until Tuesday or Wednesday but they will have their voting ballots and boxes ready for you through Saturday. Encourage your family and friends to visit and vote too.
Ahrend Studios 211 E. Alvarado St. M-F 9 to 5 Sat 10 to 1
One Shop Beauty Supplies & Salon 113 S. Vine Tues - Sat
Spallure 5256 S Mission Rd #101 Bonsall Tues - Sat
Sunshine Kids 123 N Main Tues - Sat
Sweet 'N Sassy 1229 S Mission Mon - Sat
The Yogurt Palace 130 S Main Mon - Sat
Vintage Outpost 429 S Main Ave Wed - Sat
We sure have a lot of cut kids. Thank you for making our annual CKC a success and lots of fun.

Bill, Shelby, and Ellen

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cute Kids Contest 2015

We love this time of year at Ahrend Studios.  It is CUTE KIDS CONTEST Time!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Ahrend Studios 26th year of sponsoring the Cute Kids Contest, also known as CKC.  We have a wonderful roundup of sponsors this year.  Some old and some new.  True and tried and new and exciting.  But what more sponsors really means is more winners and more prizes.

We are excited to be working with SunShine Kids, Vintage Outpost, Spallure, Friends of Fallbrook, and Victoria Stover Scentsy.  They are so looking forward to being a part of Ahrend Studios Cute Kids Contest this year.  

But we are especially grateful for our sponsors who come back every year with their support.  LaCaseta Restaurant, Sweet n' Sassy Children's Clothing Boutique, One Shop Beauty and Supplies, and Yogurt Palace. 

The contest runs February 2 through May 2.  Our People's Choice and Facebook Favorite voting will take place May 12 through 16.  Winners will be announced in The Village News.  Ahrend Studios is now taking appointments for the CKC, call 760-728-7613 for your appointment.